Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also see adults?

Yes. I see adults for many different reasons. These can include anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, anger management, mood disorders, phobias, panic disorders, suicidal thoughts, personality issues, eating disorders, relationship repair, motivation blockers and procrastination, parenting challenges, life transitions, career and financial goal setting/coaching, family interactions, grief and loss, and stress management. Sometimes other difficulties may be discovered. These will be addressed during our work together.

What should I or my child expect from counseling?

All new clients should expect to meet for an initial intake appointment. At this time, all paperwork will be completed. I will also gather background information to use in determining the therapeutic approach. For children and adolescents, I will spend at least half of the initial appointment with the family, either at the beginning or end of the session in order to identify perspectives and share expectations from all members. The rest of the session will be getting to know the child to ensure a positive therapeutic experience. This whole process should take approximately 1 hour. Moving forward, sessions will typically last 45 minutes.

Do you meet with families during subsequent sessions?

My work with families is guided by the child's age, comfort level, and needs. I always like to incorporate at least a 5-minute "check-in" time with parents but will meet for longer periods of time, or schedule additional appointments when necessary. This time is very goal-driven and used to compliment progress made during therapy sessions. I also attempt to connect with school and other providers as appropriate to maintain a comprehensive understanding of my client's needs and to receive and provide updates.

You mentioned you work in education. Are you familiar with special education?

Absolutely. As a therapist who has also had much experience as a Certified School Psychologist in schools, I have an "insider's" perspective, and can help you navigate the process of special education, answer questions, and help you advocate for your child during the process, as well as if you are possibly denied services.

Do you accept insurance and what are your rates?

I participate in the following insurance plans: Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, and Humana. I can also help you submit for out of network reimbursement. Please consider that when I submit to insurance, I must share some pertinent information, including creating a diagnosis. Some clients also do not wish to have a record of counseling services for various reasons. Therefore, I also offer the option to self-pay and submit for reimbursement. Usually, insurance companies will reimburse about 70% for services. For an initial appointment, I charge $150. For ongoing appointments, the fee is $120 for 45-minute sessions.

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